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Slip and Fall Accident Law Firms Near Chula Vista, CA

Phillips & Pelly Lawyers Obtain Client Victory In Chula Vista

After a serious accident, Client “Jane” knew she would need the help of a slip and fall accident law firm near Chula Vista, CA. Chula Vista | Phillips & Pelly (

Jane’s fall occurred on a sidewalk in the City of Chula Vista. Months prior to Jane’s fall, the city had removed a tree that had grown in the middle of the sidewalk and was surrounded by a circular metal grate. However, once the tree had been removed, the Chula Vista city employee left the metal grate rather than remove it and fill the hole on the sidewalk with cement. Instead, where the tree had grown, the Chula Vista city employees filled the center area with dirt and bark to ‘make it level with the sidewalk”.

As you can imagine, over time the dirt and bark settled leaving a depression in the ground. As Jane was walking, she did not see the depression and her foot fell into the hole, causing significant lower leg and foot injuries. The human body is not designed well to fall, especially as we age, and serious leg injuries can occur. Leg Injury Treatment: What to Do About Leg Fractures, Ankle Sprains, and More (

Jane’s next step, as is the case with any government claim, was to file a notice of claim within 6 months of the fall with the city of Chula Vista. Phillips & Pelly, San Diego Accident Lawyer | Injury Attorneys | Phillips and Pelly ( a slip and fall accident law firm near Chula Vista, CA, was retained and filed the required Chula Vista City Claims forms, on behalf of Jane. The City of Chula Vista responded by denying any liability or any wrongdoing. This is actually very common when making a City claim. The next step after the government denial, is to file a lawsuit against the government entity. The City of Chula Vista denial acts as the ‘entrance pass” to file the lawsuit. When looking for a slip and fall accident law firm near Chula Vista, Ca, consider their experience in slip and fall cases. Phillips and Pelly have been in business since 1997 and have a near collective experience of 90 years, along with a BBB A+ rating.

Once a lawsuit was filed for Jane, the City hired lawyers further denied the claims. Through the discovery process, Phillips & Pelly lawyers found out that the City knew the depression in the ground was a problem for pedestrians and rather than fix it properly, instead used an orange cone as a ‘warning’ to pedestrians. Of course this did not work, as people took the cone, accidently kicked it and for one reason or another it was frequently nowhere to be seen, as was the case when Jane fell.

Phillips & Pelly Lawyers Get Client Results

After prolonged litigation, the City of Chula Vista modified their position from denying the claim, to accepting ‘some fault” but blaming Jane also for not seeing the hole, to settling with Jane for nearly half a million dollars. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident and are looking for a slip and fall accident law firm near Chula Vista, CA, give Phillips and Pelly a call. We are friendly, offer a no obligation consultation and work on a No Win, No Fee basis for all cases we accept! Slip and Fall Accidents | Phillips & Pelly (